• Image of The Armed - Unanticipated VHS & T-Shirt Combo

The long-awaited live The Armed record is here!

Recorded in a variety of atypical settings by Chris Koltay and mixed by Kurt Ballou—this thing makes our normal records sound like easy listening. Full of broken strings, dropped sticks, and concussions, this album is raw as hell and likely thoroughly off-putting to anyone not already familiar with the material.

So what better way to release it than an EXTREMELY limited VHS tape?! Limited to 100…this thing is gonna peace out quick.

Comes with the Unanticipated Tee which features the album artwork (photograph by Trevor Dernai) on a slick “vintage black” ring-spun tee.
(Note: This item will ship the week of June 20th, 2016)

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